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With the propagation of digital streaming services locally  as well as the steady roll out of fiber  there’s never been a better time to cut the cord and use those services. While the current consoles and smaller HTPCs are great for use as media centers and hubs for these things, sometimes you want something smaller, simpler, and fit for the purpose.

Cast your eyes wider Google Cast
This 4K Android TV box support Google Case which can you varieties of demands

Say it to search it 
Finally, a TV that listens. All you have to do ask Speak into the voice remote control and MI BOX searches for what. Ask for the best in action movies, today's weather, or the latest celebrity news!

Everything pops with HDR
HDR is quickly making its way to TV, first to set-top boxes with MI BOX. Watch videos in detail like never before with select HDR content. Witness scenes and characters come to life in vivid contrast, color, and clarity.

DTS and Dolby surround sound
MI BOX supports both Dolby Digital plus and DTS multichannel HD audio encoding. The result is smoother, dynamic, immersive and more realistic stereo surround sound during ultra HD Blu-ray video playback.

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Beelink GT Ultimate
Alfawise A8 TV BOX

Android 8.1 Oreo
4GB LPDDR4 SDRAM makes bigger games run smoothly and the utilization of 32GB FLASH memory offers and array of benefits in terms of performance security and reliability, resulting in a richer end-suer experience.

Smart breathing light
Humanized Breathinglight design makes this product alive. Different colors indicate different working states.

* Cayn light breathing : network is not connected
* Blue light breathing : network is connected
* Lantern breathing voice : remote input / USB device access / TF card access
* Red light breathing : Pairing Bluetooth
* Red light : Standby

Say it to search it
TV is listening, all you have to do is ask. Speak into the voice remote control, the TV Box will search for what you want. Simply press and hold the voice control key to activate voice function, when you see the "Try saying." on the screen, speak into the microphone, for example

"The latest action movies".
"Today's weather".
"The latest celebrity news". 
You will get what you want.

4K Ultra HD resolution, up to 3840x2160p Give you a more HD picture experience.

Everything pops with HDR
Support HDR full formats, it's time to play more realistic images better brightness color contrast than before.

Make you free to the theater! You can feel the shock of 3D cinema-like stereoscopic vision at home.

Current price: $53.99, gearbest

1G DDR3 RAM makes bigger games run smoothly and the utilization of 8G eMMC memory offers an array of benefits in terms of performance security and reliability, resulting in a richer end-user experience.

* Rochchip: 3229
* Quad-core: 32Bit
* GPU: Mali-400

V88 is powered by the RK3229 Quad-core CPU, taking it into the 32-bit era.
The 32-bit CPU dramatically effects the OS applications and the entire industrial structure.

4K Ultra HD Resolution Rate, More outstanding
HDMI 2.0 with 4K image display output 4 times of resolution compared with 1080P, shows every detail in an absolutely vivid way. When watching a movie, you will feel like being personally on the scene. Enjoy 3D effect at home rather go to the cinema.

Super Smooth streaming, H265 Decoding
A powerful video decoder is like having a high performance processor. You will notice how smooth it is when you watch NBA live or play a racing game.

Strength Not Fear, Play Diverse Challenge
Android .1 OS enables you o enjoy multiple movies, TV episodes, song, books, apps and games.

Rich Interfaces
DC 5v power input, Ethernet, HDMI, AV output, SDIF, USB, and SD/MMC card slot all these interfaces allowing limitless connectivity to external devices.

Equipped with More
V88 box, remote control, power adapter, Hdmi cable and more. Complete accessories enable you to use it at home directly.

UHD 4K 60fps HW decoding, supports multiple formats including H.265 10-bit, H.264 and AVS+FHS 1080P 60fps HW encoding, supports H.264

* 3GB
* DDR4: Hight - speed meùory
* 32 GB
* eMMC: Hight - speed flash memory

Ultra hight definition 'HDR' TV BOX
4K UHD MOVIE 60fps HW decoding supports multiple formats including H.265 10-BIT H264 and AVS+

* 8 Core: CPU
* T820MP3: GPU
* H.265: 4K 10bit

LAN Gigabit
Gigabit Ethernet Faster data transfer. Internet browsing Web sites faster.

WIFI 2.4G+5.8G
802.11ac dual-band WIFI Transmission faster, download faster
BT 4.0 Low power Bluetooth
can be connected to the handle, headphones, speakers

TV is a major part of our lives. We gather together around our big screen to watch big show and big events, you also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, and see a movie.

OTA System update
Beelink offers OTA ' over the air update ' service for GT1 Ultimate TV box. You can always keep it updated, just click the wireless update.

* in order to continue to improve the users experience. We will update the application and firmware.
* Do not use harsh of chemical solvent, Cleaning products. We recommended using soft cloth to wipe
* Do not throw product into fire, avoid having fire accident
* Do not attempt to open the housing or repair, if a failure occurs, pleas contact the customer service
* Power management: adapted DC5V 2A (100-240v.50/60HZ )
* failure to use the included power adapter may expose regulatory compliance requirements and may expose the user to safety hazards.

Turn Your TV Into Big Screen Computer
Android 8.1 allows the operation component to be started in PIP mode, so that you can stored or queried personal information, including documents, files, data forms, web pages.

Faster Boot Up, Response, Transmission, Channel Change
16GB hight-speed EMMC brings more than 4 times faster speed of reading and writing that normal storage.

Adequate Running Memory
2GB running memory support rapid loading and boot up, powerful decoding and stable performance.

High Compatible Chip
The frequency of quad-core cortex-A7 is up to 1.5GhZ, which supports excellent performance.

WIFI Signal is more Stable
802.11 b/g/n can transmit a large amount of network video. you can watching online HD video as smooth as watch cable TV.

4K HD Image Output
Supports 4K 30fps H.264, 4K 60fps H.265 10bit video 1080p 60fps multi-format video decoding.
Rich Interfaces
Equipped with rich and practical interfaces. Everything is readily available.