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Sonos PLAY 1 Moisture Proof Home Smart Speaker

Sonos PLAY: 1 Moisture Proof Home Smart Speaker

* Mini body Amazing effect
* Small and simple
* Moisture proof design
* Wall / Flat
* Integrate mainstream music resources

Large volume that should not be underestimated
Built in 2 speakers with independent amplifiers for powerful sound. One tweeter can provide clear and pure high pitched aound and one mid low frequency speaker can highly restore the midrange and thick bass for a wonderful listening experience.

Trueplay custom tuning for each space
Trueplay give the speaker a smarter brin. It listens to the test sound from the speaker through the iphone or ipad, senses the reflection of sound from walls and furniture, and adjusts the arrival time of the sound according to local conditions.

Small and beautiful minimalist design
Designed with an integrated mesh cover, which is round and full of appearance, smooth and delicate, suitable for most positions in the home. In additionthe speaker is made of moisture proof material, so you can put it in a variety of environments, such as a washroom, kitchen, etc, and enjoy the wonderful music.

Easily combine stereo pairs
In order to enhance the music listening experience, you can combine two speakers with wireless connection technology to easily from a stereo pair. Enjoy the wonderful music with outstanding sound quality under the coordination of left and right channels.