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Mijia 6 inch Desktop Color Photo Printer

Mijia 6 inch Desktop Color Photo Printer
Resolution 300 × 300dpi

* Exquisite Restoration Of Real Color
* Automatic Film Covering For A Long Time To Save
* Multi size Document Photo Printing
* A variety Of Wireless Fast Connection Remote Printing

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Directly Prints a 6-inch Photo by Phone
The beautiful moment on the screen, this moment turn to a real photo, a variety of wireless connection, 1 minute to get HD 6-inch photo like the print effect of a print shop.

Can be Connected to Various Digital Devices
Multiple wireless connection make printing photos as easy as taking photos.

Print Shop Photo Quality, Ultra High Resolution
Professional technology makes every moving detail exquisite showing.

* 300*300 dpi
* 1670m Colors
* Print Resolution
* Wide Color Gamut

Automatically Covering Film
In the process of printing automatically for transparent glossy photos covered with a protective film, so that photos can be stored for longer.

* Splashproof
* Fingerprint-proof
* Anti-oxidation

Comes With Simple Editing Functions
No need to open other software, before printing through MIJIA APP, click edit, you can complete the simple picture editing functions.

Magnetic Suction Design Easy to Storage
Don't bother to storage, innovative integrated magnetic suction design can be easy storage. It even be a beautiful piece of art on your desktop.