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MinSu NV-01 Makes your life smarter & cleaner

Intelligently Navigates Your Home
Equipped with the 4th generation ARM380S smart chip and other techno, MinSu NV-01 can real time mapping positioning and planning cleaning route, provides accurate S-shaped cleaning coverage rate 99%.

MinSu NV-01 features
* Visualized APP / Voice control.
* Silent brush less motor.
* SLAM smart algorithm.
* Bionic ultrasonic detector.
* Infrared detector positioning.
* Smart route planning.
* 2200Pa powerful suction.
* Sweeping & mopping 2 in 1.
* Automatic recharging.

Strongly clear off all kinds of debris
The brush less silence motor gives Minsu NV-01 up to 2200pa suction. Wherever Minsu NV-01 goes, all the small crumbs including hair, melon seeds, beans, dust, will be gone.

Clean with your feet up
NV-01 support APP, remoter and amazon alexa voice control. You can see the visual map and start, pouse.

Worry free cleaning
when the battery is low, Minsu NV-01 will auto go back recharging and auto start cleaning after fully charged. Built in fraded / ultrasonic detectors help NV-01 to avoid obstacles and prevent jamming or furniture damages.

Sweep & mop 2 in 1 cleaning
Minsu NV-01 provides the mopping mode to further clean your floor, the 100ml large tank is equipped with the constant pressure water penetration technology, can keep the rug moist without dripping water at all.