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KING KONG 3 the new benchmark of the rugged phone Indusry

Establish military-grade protective standard
the shell of CUBOT King Kong 3 is madeof hight-stength polyster, protecting the phone safely from accidenal drops of up to 1.5m. It also waterproof and dustproof.

Waterproof level IP68
With the highest level of IP68 waterproof certification, King Kong 3 can be kept underwater for 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. It means that when you are outdoor, swimming, working in the rain, or even underwater shooting, there is no problem.

Withstand the test of ice and fire
Whether you are in the cold Arctic, the south pole, or the hot equator, the desert, Cubot King Kong 3 could withstand the harsh environment. Because King Kong 3 works normally in a temperature range of -30°C to 60°C.

99% dustproof, even prevent sludge
The industrial design of King kong 3 achieves 99% dust rating. Thanks to the waterproof of IP68, even in turbid liquids and sludge, King Kong 3 won't be jammed.

Tough enough to conquer the word
cubot King Kong 3 is fully armed. 6 sides and 4 corners are covered with material. After passing the 300 times 1.5-meter dropping tests King Kong 3 looks like a steel warrior with strong power.

18: GFF Screen, Corning Gorilla Glass
Cubot King Kong 3 features 5.5 inch 18:9 GFF screen that is wleatly in the sun addition. the corning gorilla glass also provides a gurantee for the screen strenth of King Kong 3.

Powerful Helio P23, Extraordinary Performance
As an outdoors flagship phone, cubot King Kong 3 is equipped with MT6763T "Helio P23" octa-core 2.5GHz processor, aided by 4GB RAM plus 64GB ointernal storage. whether it is the big game or multi-task APP, the device runs smoothly.

Dual rear camera, front camera with beauty mode
There are dual rear cameras 16.0 MP Sony sensor plus 2.0 MP scondary sensor, a super 1A LED flash, even in the low light conditions, it works with clear effect.
THE front camera with 13.0 million pixels has "Beauty Mode". It is capable of shooting brilliant pictrureseven though under extreme surroundings.

NFC For smarter connections
NFC is the abbreviation of Field communication. we have the latest NFC function on Cubot King Kong 3, which will provide you with a smarter and safer way for life.

Custom Button
We have a customized button on the left side of the body, you can customize its function in the setting, such as: one-button wake-up camera which cloud also act as camera shutter.

0.1S finger print unlock
The Cubot King Kong 3 rear fingerprint module enables0.1S quick unlocking. Support to enter 5 sets of fingerprint data, readable for 360° and it is waterproof.

9V / 2A - 18W fast charge
it's a big matter to learn to charge, it the power is to hight, it's easy to have safety hazards; if the power is to low, the charging rate is slow. King Kong 3 has 18W fast charge, it charges speedily and it is also safe.

600 mAh long batter life with a 6000 mAh hight-density battery, King Kong 3 features a power efficient helio P23 advanced processor for longer battery life.